Why the Steam Summer Sale is Amazing

Steam Summer Sale 2017

The floodgates opened on June 22nd when software behemoth Valve announced its annual Steam Summer Sale. Starting sometime in the late 2000’s, Steam Summer Sales catapulted one of Valve’s greatest creations, The Steam Store, to mega-fame among gamers worldwide.

For the uninitiated, Steam is basically a software platform. It started out in 2003 when Valve — creators of hits like Half-Life and Team Fortress 2 — wanted to simplify the patching/updating process common in most modern video games. Well, Valve eventually began using Steam to sell video games — both theirs and their competitors. What ended up happening was Steam blew up to monstrous proportions. As Steam increased in popularity, corporate shills began noticing trends and opportunities. That’s when the sales started.

What’s so good about online video game sales?

Online video game sales are genius. Think about it: What better way to sell products to avid gamers than advertising it right on the same platform they use to play their games? It’s like when I’m at the bar finishing a beer and the bartender asks if I want another one. “You’re damn right I want another one, Johnny, this is America isn’t it???”

I digress.

Critics of online game sales like to bring up the impersonal nature of never leaving your home and/or interacting with people in person on your quest for… products that guarantee you’re not going to leave your home or interact with people in person. For those critics I ask this: Have you been to a video game store recently? They’re awful! They all smell like your uncle’s bowling shirt after chili cheese dog night down at the alley. I’m also not interested in having some pimply bag of anxiety try and hard-sell me on a pre-order for some half-baked, overpriced garbage while visibly shaking and thinking about where his life went wrong. And can you imagine the sea of humanity that would show up to a video game store sale??? There would be tufts of neckbeard hair and torn ironic t-shirts everywhere after the dust settled. No thanks.

One legit concern, however, is that online game sales have an addictive aspect to them. Many gamers say they feel a euphoric rush when finding a game they’ve been after for 50-75% off. Now, of course, many non-gamers feel the same rush when they find a product they want. The problem is an abnormally large number of games are never played

So now that we’re all experts on the history of Steam, Valve, corporate greed, and thrifty gamers, let’s get down to it. Below is a list of some particularly amazing deals. Even if you don’t like video games, you have to admire how crazy some of these prices are (especially given how recent these releases are). Steam Summer Sale 2017 ends on July 5th, so get you some goodies while you can!

Some goodies – (Regular price/Sale Price)

  • Civilization VI – $59.99/$35.99
  • Dark Souls III – $59.99/$23.99
  • Doom – $29.99/14.99$
  • Hollow Knight – $14.99/9.89$
  • Rocket League – $19.99/11.99$
  • Stardew Valley – $14.99/8.99$
  • The Witcher 3: GOTY – $49.99/24.99$
  • Total War: Warhammer – $59.99/20.39$