The 900th Time is the Charm

Unbelievable — a word I’ve used more than a few times since my book launched on October 31st of last year.  After five months, I uploaded my final print-ready copy of The Lives of Dogs: An Average Soldier’s Tale to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing paperback creation app.  I was so sure I did everything correctly.  Well, I was wrong.

Just read an e-mail from KDP’s paperback division claiming that the title on my front page was “too faint” and I need to fix it before they start printing actual books.  For the record, I think that’s considerate of them.  Then, I realized the original copyright date was wrong (my fault).  Oh, and then I realized I forgot to input the ASIN for the original e-book.  Okay, I’ll fix that and… did the US Copyright Office ever get back to me after I paid them $35 back in November?  Were they supposed to?

As you can tell, my friend, I’ve been having a rough go of this self-published paperback book business.  After the last two weeks of incessant polishing, I no longer wonder why so many authors prefer to accumulate crates full of rejection letters instead of going out on their own.  I get it.  Self-publishing an e-book was a handful in itself, but it is a friggin cakewalk compared to prepping an actual print book.

Regardless, I will wake up tomorrow and fix what is broken.  Then, I will eat breakfast, drink some coffee, jump in the shower, and go to my day job where I will continue to earn the money I need to live the life I am fortunate enough to live.  Through all of this, I will smile.  That smile will stay with me because I know one day I will wake up, write, talk about my writing, sell some of that work, and read myself to sleep.

One day, that will be my day job.